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Найден пропавший родственник генерала Зимы

Об одной из первых в мире лётчиц кочует по англоязычным сайтам такой текст:

Princess Eugenie M. Shakhovskaya was Russia's first woman military pilot. Served with the 1st Field Air Squadron. Unknown if she actually flew any combat missions, and she was ultimately charged with treason and attempting to flee to enemy lines.

Sentenced to death by firing squad, sentence commuted to life imprisonment by the Tsar, freed during the Revolution, became chief executioner for Gen. Tchecka and drug addict, shot one of her assistants in a narcotic delerium and was herself shot.

Генерал Чека наверняка был рад заполучить в подручные такую женщину!

(Gen. < Gub.?? Шаховская работала в киевской губЧК.)
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